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Like a Punch in the face! FREDRIK BERGSTRÖM – Songwriter/producer

Been playing in bands since 1991 when he played his first cover song on drums. A few years, inspired by Nirvana, Green Day and Swedish mid 90s indie, he started writing his first songs and playing in bands.
Fredrik hails from Uppsala where he has his studio space with an advertising agency.

Fredrik states, “Since then I have been putting up microphones, pulling chords on stage, recorded and produced bands and these past few years I have been focusing more on producing others rather than focusing on my own music.”. Fredrik’s preferred styles to work with: Electronic pop, Acoustic pop, Punk rock, Emo, Hardcore, EDM/Rave, HipHop, trap, indie and alternative music.

History – here are highlights and artist/bands that have had traction or great releases. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2RzIYqPPbj1yrOXsbvuqZv?si=22fa61406f514cc9

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Photo by Hibbe Åberg

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Current collaborations

Publisher Bark at your owner – Songwriter/producer – www.barkatyourowner.se

Audiobook recording – Cookies n Dragons – https://www.instagram.com/cookiesndragonsforlag/