E-mail: fredrik@madebyfredrik.com

I’ve got a lot of stuff set up on my two Soundcloud accounts right now these are also on my website:


Little Tall Island

Here are the best songs from that secret album project I told you about. I recorded, produced, mix and mastered the whole thing:

The single ”Somebody take me away” with Jakob from Rotten Mind: https://open.spotify.com/track/4Ir0flL0Xdwf5y5rr3lSxs?si=a24e4fb2c7e54e21 

”The Mourning After” (ft. Anna and Emelie Ohlsson)


”Closer to you” (ft. Peter Frövik (who believe it or not actually is a country singer 🙂 )


”Dom gillrar fällor” (ft. Format from Löst Folk)


Flowers by Irene

Flowers by Irene was my solo project since 2002. I decided to end the project when I released my album on COMEDIA. It went from being an acoustic project until I broke my elbow. Then I turned it into an electronic project instead.


Studio Rock Work

Here’s an album I produced, recorded and mixed for my old band.


Recorded, produced and mixed this from the band Solitär:



Here’s a track I made recently with a Florida artist called Out of Babylon (I made the drums, percussion and bass):


Some stuff that hasn’t been released yet.

Here’s a remix I made for the 80s band Nestor. They haven’t put it out yet because they were switching labels right when I made this. They said I could use it as a portfolio song but not an official song:


Here’s a remix I made for and artist from Skåne called Mars Madame:


Here another remix for the band The Search from Uppsala:


That old student of mine I found isn’t recorded yet but she’ll be guest singing on a track I have for a client in a few weeks. I really want to record something solo with her too but she is a busy woman who works all the time.

Conctact info

The name for all of this is subject to change though. But Made by Fredrik will be my producer name. I have been using it for some projects.

Here are the socials:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madebyfredrik

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madebyfredrikcom

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@madebyfredrik 

And I’ll get on making a LinkedInpage next week and I’m gonna create a bunch of other as well.