Meet Fredrik Bergström, also known as ”Made by Fredrik,” a seasoned music professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. His extensive background as a musician, songwriter, producer, mixer, masterer, roadie, and studio engineer has earned him a reputation as a multifaceted talent.

Throughout his career, Fredrik has worked on several albums as a musician and producer. He has worked across a range of genres, from rock to pop to experimental, and is always eager to take on new challenges in the studio. With his never-ending well of ideas, Fredrik is constantly pushing boundaries and exploring creative possibilities.

In addition to his impressive musical resume, Fredrik is a signed songwriter for the record label Bark at Your Owner in Sweden.

Fredrik’s passion for music extends beyond his own work. He is dedicated to mentoring and guiding up-and-coming talent, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with the next generation of artists and producers.

Whether working on his own projects or collaborating with others, Fredrik approaches every endeavor with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. His love for music is evident in every note he produces, and his boundless creativity ensures that his work is always fresh and exciting.

As he looks to the future, Fredrik is excited about the potential for new projects and collaborations, eager to continue exploring new sounds and pushing limits as a musician, producer, and songwriter. For anyone looking for a skilled and passionate music professional, Made by Fredrik, is a name to know.