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Kendrick just changed the game

Av: Fredrik | 2022-05-14 | Kategori: Music,

I even remember the first time someone played anything else than ”Walk this way” for me. How my ears were awoken by Ice Cubes album ”The Predator”.

Even though that album changed a lot for my perspective on hiphop I still felt like the misogyny, sexism and foul language (even though I don’t mind it but used in that context) didn’t sit well with the message he was trying to put forth.

Hiphop for me has always been about telling the truth. Analysis over how you live but most of the time, not getting to the core of the problem.

Until now. Yesterday Kendrick Lamar released ”Mr Morale and the big steppers” and I dare to say that the game just changed. Someone who is finally ready to take a bullet and talk about really difficult issues that has been waiting to be dealt with since the birth of hiphop.

Here is my review. In Swedish but you know what to do with that translate button 🙂