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When I (apparently) Ruined ABBA

Av: Fredrik | 2022-05-09 | Kategori: Music,

To be fair I was a bit excited when ABBA returned last year. I had really looked forward to hear what they had come up with. But unfortunately, for me, they came up short. I thought the songs where there but they didn’t go all the way. They felt weak. Don’t get me wrong, the songs were okay but I felt like ABBA deserved a better destiny after returning after all these years.

So I decided to make a remix from the original. I kept it benath, which explains why the vocals are so low in the mix. But the reviews are amazing. It has been so much fun reading them. Everything from people basically wanting to kill me, to saying it’s the greatest remix ever.

And now, not even a year later, I have racked up 36410 views and listens and I am really happy how engaging the song is.

So I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s my remix of ABBAs ”I Still Have Faith In You” and if you have some sort of opinion about it, please jump in the discussion in the comment section of the video 🙂