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My New Website – Old code vs WP-code

Av: Fredrik | 2022-05-03 | Kategori: Web,

The site you are visiting right now is a brand new one and it’s a return for me to making WordPress themes. I used to make a lot of them before. For those of you who know me, you know I had a small business about 12 years ago to make websites.

So what happened was that back then I found the wonders of WordPress, but I got really sick and tired of poking around in other people’s code and couldn’t find anything I was after. So my good friend Fredrik gave me a link to a site that had a tutorial how to make your own themes.

A theme is basically that thing you put on top of your code so that the person visiting the page can navigate their way through the site and find the things that they are looking for, and a theme is how you decide that website should look. And this can be made in so many different ways and can be customized to your needs as a client.

So to compare the difference between a regular old static site as compared to a WordPress site is this:

Old way: I make the site and you have to contact me to make any changes to the content. It will still look the same for a long period of time.

PHP-way: I have to make certain scripts for you so that you can change your own things but most often this is based on scripts and it’s super complicated.

WordPress: I make the page and then hand it over to you and then it’s all yours to change as much as you like. It’s the easiest way.

If you want a brand new spanking site for yourself. Let me know!