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Music and mental health

Av: Fredrik | 2022-05-02 | Kategori: Music,

I was invited to a lecture in Stockholm today by my label manager. They will be talking about ADHD, ADD (don’t ask) and autism and mental health within the music business.

There’s a constantly ongoing discussion within the music business about wether this is a thing or not. But for me having an actual ADHD-diagnosis, it’s super easy to see that there is not possible way you will reach the absolut top in what you do if you don’t have that which is called a ”superpower”. I’m not really for that kind of describing it but I do know that people who are the very most expressive in our business, are people who stick out from the major grayscale crowd and are rainbows by themself.

I wrote a piece about this in the aftermath of Scott Hutchison of the band Frightened Rabbit’s death a few years ago and the discussion on the Hymn Facebook site went rampant. He simply said goodbye by saying ”I’m away now, thanks” on Twitter. And then he was gone. These were some of the comments on my piece.

Grow up. Read a book. Even above the disgusting morality in seeing artists as mythical lambs to slaughter, it’s idiotic in the same way of saying that a goat is an insect. The image you have of practicing art is at least 150 years old.


Maybe a start could be not to romanticize and mystify depression at the same time as it is connected to creativity. It’s not necessary that scillful musicians feel bad, neither is it that they are supposed to be different, weird or outcasts. Insanely uncomfortable article.

Click here to read my article (in swedish):

But I put myself in the line of fire. People simply aren’t prepared to have that discussion quite yet. But since then there has been a lot going on in the music community. And we are greatful that someone finally is looking our way. Because there needs to be a change and it has to happen soon.

But these aren’t there to have opinions on anymore. These are actual facts. For instance, this brilliant article is written by musician and psychiatrist Ricard Magnusson. Talking about ”Imposter Syndrome” i.e. meaning that even if you have the skill to perform a task, you don’t think are good enough and keep lying to those who are watching, and you’re waiting for someone to confront you to it. Even though you know you can do it.

Read the article here:

And this is my interview in swedish.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the lecture today and I really hope that this can be a first step to better mental health within the music community.